tonyhax using FreePSXBoot

tonyhax supports being launched on compatible consoles using the FreePSXBoot exploit developed by brad-lin.


This method requires an entire memory card for itself, and thus:

Since v1.3.3, tonyhax installs a BIOS patch to prevent games from reading from a memory card with a FreePSXBoot-based tonyhax installation, so you aren't required to remove it after starting any game.

Also, since v1.4.2, booting from the second slot is fully supported, so you can opt for flashing this new version and, thanks to the aforementioned BIOS patch, keep it plugged while you have the slot 1 available for saving, making it a pretty convenient alternative.

If you want to go this route, you'll need to flash the memory card using one of the images available at freepsxboot/, depending on your console's BIOS version and slot:

Model BIOS version
SCPH-1001 v2.2
SCPH-1002 v2.0, v2.1 or v2.2
SCPH-3500 v2.1
SCPH-5001 v3.0
SCPH-5501 v3.0
SCPH-5502 v3.0
SCPH-5503 v3.0
SCPH-5903 v2.2
SCPH-7001 v4.1
SCPH-7002 v4.1
SCPH-7501 v4.1
SCPH-7502 v4.1
SCPH-9001 v4.1
SCPH-9002 v4.1
SCPH-101 v4.4 or v4.5
SCPH-102 v4.4 or v4.5

This video from MrMario2011 explains pretty well how to install it using uLaunchELF and Memory Card Annihilator on a memory card:


  1. Turn on the console with the memory card with FreePSXBoot plugged in on the correct slot and the disc tray open.
  2. Once you reach the console's BIOS, select the memory card manager and click on it.

After about five seconds, tonyhax should boot.


The anti-FreePSXBoot BIOS patch tonyhax installs mangles data reads from memory cards in a way that makes games thinks it is unformatted.

Thus, plugging in a memory card containing a FreePSXBoot-based tonyhax installation on slot 1 and attempting to save in any game that supports it should result in the game asking to format the memory card. If you accept, it will return it to factory status, uninstalling tonyhax from it and making it usable again for saving or for installing a newer version of tonyhax.

Please note tonyhax cannot uninstall UniROM-based FreePSXBoot installations from memory cards, and plugging in a memory card containing it while running a game will cause issues.