3D printer heat optimizer

Input settings

This form is a quick script for calculating a more optimal heating script than Cura's standard sequential procedure of heating bed, waiting, heating extruder and then waiting some more. It uses your temperature and timing settings to calculate a G-Code that parallelizes the heating of both elements, so they reach the target temperatures at the same time, reducing printing time.


ºC (usually room temperature)
(from initial to target)


ºC (usually room temperature)
(from initial to target)

Generated G-Code

Foot notes

Please note the generated G-Code will be room-temperature dependant. This should not be a concern with small temperature variations, such as those in a house or an office.

The bed in my case does follow a linear heating pattern, but the extruder seems to follow a slightly softer curve tgat seems to be caused by the heater having a reduced duty cycle when it reaches a point close to the target. I have decided not to take this into account for now, and assume a linear heating pattern for both elements.


Taken from the serial log of my Anet A8 (room 24.5ºC, bed heating time of 3:00 to 60ºC, extruder heating time of 1:50 to 215ºC)

Original Cura (sequential)

Sequential heating graph

Improved (parallel)

Parallel heating graph